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from Jiaogulan "China's Immortality Herb" by Michael Blumert

This is not a complete list of sources. It is simply a group of the companies most visible to the authors when doing the research for this book. Besides those listed, there are numerous Chinese or oriental herb pharmacies throughout the U.S.


Empower Net
1220 N. Spencer
Mesa, AZ 85203

This is a Network Marketing company, which sells "China Treasures" brand products. Among them are three types of jiaogulan tea; a single-herb tea, a multi-herb tea, and a multi-herb instant tea.

Golden Mountain Herbs, Inc.
PO Box 45
Badger, CA 93603
E-mail:  jhp@spiralcomm.net

This company has a line of four multi-herb tonics; "Power Surge," "FemVitale," "Man Alive" and "Elixir of Youth," all of which contain jiaogulan as the main herb, with other herbs to individualize the other formulas. The company works in conjunction with Guiyang Medical College, where a number of clinical studies on jiaogulan were done. They are a manufacturer of jiaogulan-based products distributed in health food stores throughout the U.S.

Great Earth Vitamin Stores
11478 Mission Vista Drive
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Tel. (909) 987-8892

This is a large chain of vitamin store franchises, with stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. They have their own labeled sports/energy product called "Vroom" with jiaogulan as its main ingredient.

TeamUp International
6700 South Paradise Road, Complex C
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119-3721
Tel. (702) 361-5552 Fax. (702) 361-3170

They describe themselves as such: "TeamUp International is dedicated to promoting High-Level Health and Vitality through all-natural Herbal Supplements. We couple scientific research with the highest Quality, most Potent, Organic Herbal ingredients to provide everyone a Natural alternative to over-the-counter mass-produced products."
Their two products are the jiaogulan tea-pills and jiaogulan tea, in bags.

Tong Ji Tang Healing Catalog
PO Box 526
Stoneridge, NY 12484
(914) 565-1430

This is a direct-order catalog of Chinese herbs and other healing products that can be found on the Internet. They also run a healing center in New York. They sell a single herb and a multi-herb jiaogulan tea. 

Watson Health Products Group, Inc.
1528 Devonwood Dr.
Springfield, Il 62704
Toll Free: 888-311-7131
Fax: 217-793-8050
E-mail: info@miracleherb.com

This manufacturing company sells soft-gel caps containing the single herb jiaogulan. This is a best selling product, sold directly, among the Oriental community. They distribute to health food stores, Chinese medicine practitioners, and pharmacies.


GMH Health Products Ltd.
A3/69 Felton Mathew Avenue,
PO Box 18 415,
Glen Innes,
Auckland, 5
New Zealand.
Phone (649) 521 8575
Fax (649) 521 8576
E-mail: herbaltonics@xtra.co.nz

This is the parent company for Golden Mountain Herbs in the U.S. They sell all of the same products throughout New Zealand and Australia. (See Golden Mountain Herbs, Inc. for complete product listings)


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