Lowers Cholestrol

It lowers cholesterol to healthy levels. Jiaogulan helps lower bad cholesterol LDL (low density lipoproteins) as well as increase good cholesterol HDL (high density lipoproteins)  completely naturally. It also helps to decrease triglycerides to healthy levels. HDLs help to metabolize artery- clogged LDL levels, which prevents heart attacks and strokes. That is why Prevention magazine has nicknamed jiaogulan as the herbal heart defender.

Maintains Blood Pressure

It has been proven to help cardiovascular health by releasing nitric oxide in the body which helps to relax the coronary blood vessels which maintain healthy blood pressure. It is helpful both in hypertension and hypotension because jiaogulan is an adaptogen that has a regulating effect on the homeostasis of the body. All in all, jiaogulan helps the body regulate itself.


Jiaogulan is an adaptogen which increase the body’s resistance to stress trauma and fatigue. All adaptogens contain antioxidants, however all antioxidants are not necessarily adaptogens. The definition of an adaptogen is that it must be non-toxic, non habit forming and it must increase the body’s power of resistance against multiple stressors including physical chemical or biological stress. And it must be safe to take over long periods of time. Jiaogulan is the most powerful adaptogen available on the market today.


It literally “destroys” stress. Jiaogulan has been proven to reduce stress factors. This is because jiaogulan is an adaptogen and this means that jiaogulan can help in reducing stressors whether they be physical, mental, chemical or biological in nature. Jiaogulan is highly effective in calming the cerebrum and other mental irritations, because it helps to balance and normalize the brain activity as well as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Reduces Fatigue

Jiaogulan has been used it the mountainous regions of southern China as a rejuvenating elixir for hundreds of years. The mountainous people of southern China would take jiaogulan as a tea before work to increase endurance and strength, and after work to relieve fatigue and stress. It is only recently however that modern science has taken note of this miracle herb.

Boosts Energy Levels

Studies have shown that Jiaogulan helps to increase the stamina and endurance of the body. This is because the cardiac output increases the stroke volume of the heart. A study on mice by Dr. Takemoto who first uncovered the 82 saponins present in jiaogulan, showed an increase of strength in mice in a swimming test.

Increases Stamina

Jiaogulan is used by athletes for increasing energy levels as well as the overall endurance of the body. Jiaogulan has also been shown to increase cardiac output and provide better oxygen utilization. As well as faster recovery from exercise, jiaogulan also has a profound effect on the adrenal gland which is especially helpful for all types of athletes. Body builders also use jiaogulan because of the anabolic (building up effect) of the body’s muscle mass.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Jiaogulan has been shown to optimize the strength of the heart the heart muscle and enhances the cardiovascular system and blood circulation.

Protects Free Radicals

Studies have shown a huge 300% increase in SOD (superoxide dismutase), the body’s most important antioxidant enzyme, simply by taking jiaogulan. It has also been shown to decrease the effects of UV radiation damage. Jiaogulan has also been proven to lower the level of oxidized lipids and decrease the production of free radicals in immune cells. Jiaogulan helps protect cell membrane lipids from the toxic attack of free radicals. It is jiaogulan’s ability to induce the body to produce SOD (superoxide dismutase) which makes it such a valuable herb. A study at Guiyang medical college showed that with the increase of age there was a proportionate decrease in the body’s production of (SOD) Superoxide dismutase.

Directly Promotes Longevity

Free radicals are cells that cause oxidation of the cells in the body. To understand what free radicals are, one can understand that just as rust causes metal to oxidize (or erode), or as air oxidizes or browns an apple, similarly free radicals oxidize cells which causes the body to age. Jiaogulan is named “xiancao” or the “herb of immortality” for a reason. Jiaogulan has been shown to stop the aging process by helping the body to cope will all types of stress. Free radicals directly cause the body to age and jiaogulan increases the body’s (SOD) superoxide dismutase which scavenges free radicals. Studies have shown that Jiaogulan increases (SOD) by 300 percent. Research has also shown that free radicals wreak havoc on the body’s immune system, causing maladies such as cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, liver disease, inflammation and arthritis. Free radical damage causes a great acceleration of the aging process. Jiaogulan helps fight all these ailments by destroying free radicals. Jiaogulan is therefore very conducive to the prevention of carcinogenesis (the production of cancer) as well as preventing or treating stroke and heart attack. Doctors have therefore said that if there is only one herb to take it would most certainly be jiaogulan. Scientists from the Chinese academy of medical science as well as other institutions from Beijing found that people in the mountainous regions of southern China people were living to 100 years of more. The only definitive difference of the people of Guizhou province and surrounding provinces was that the locals of the Guizhou province were regularly taking a tea made from the herb jiaogulan.

Cancer Treatment

The direct effect of gypenosides on cancer cells in laboratory testing of the human liver, lungs, skin and uterus cells showed that saponins inhibited the proliferation and growth of cancer cells. This indicates that jiaogulan could be very helpful in the treatment of cancer patients.

Counteract Side-effects of Chemotherapy

Helps counteract the bad effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. Cancer patients who have been given jiaogulan show a marked improvement in white blood cell count, antibody levels and raised t and b lymphocytes.

Hepatitis B

It has been proven to help patients suffering from hepatitis B with an effectiveness of 89 %.


Jiaogulan is a remedy for chronic bronchitis. In 1972 a study group consisting of traditional Chinese medical practitioners and modern medical professionals studied 537 cases of trachea-bronchitis which showed exceptional results for the treatment of chronic bronchitis, as well as being a powerful cough remedy.

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